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Hello Road Warriors!

Thank you for your interest in our self-paced Bible Information Course we call, “The Road”. The purpose of this course is two-fold: First of all, The Road serves as the main onramp for people seeking a communing membership at Alleluia. Secondly, The Road is a great “refresher” for anyone who desires to grow in their faith and knowledge of Bible basics.

If you are taking this course as a path to membership, we ask that you set up a consultation with Pastor Mark after session 4, 7, and after completion. These short consultations are meant to ensure that any questions can be answered as well as “get-to-know-you” opportunities. Please contact Renee at the church office (phone: 920-532-3892 or email: Certainly, if you have immediate questions that can’t wait for the scheduled visit, please contact Pastor Mark directly (920-850-9179 or email:

The sessions last anywhere from 45-55 minutes and include a study guide with each session. Please note that because of recording issues session 6 comes in 2 parts. Each session deals with a different topic of Christian teaching that serves as the ABC’s of Alleluia’s, “What We Believe”. While most of the Bible verses are printed out on the study guide, you are encouraged to look up the verses covered in your own Bible. The advantage of this approach allows you to become more familiar with your Bible as well as see the verses discussed in context. If you don’t have a Bible, please contact the church office. We would love to give you a Bible as our gift to you!

 As you begin The Road would you allow me to offer up a prayer to our Lord (this would also be a good way to begin each session).

Dear Lord: Thank you for the opportunity to study your Word. It is through your Word that you speak to us and increase our faith in you. Your Word is the lamp for our feet and a light for our path. Bless the study of our Road Warriors who seek to know you better. Guide them as they learn new and exciting things about you. Challenge them with things they didn’t know. Most importantly, use every lesson to take them to your cross of forgiveness where you shed your blood to pay for every single sin. Let them see you, Jesus, in every lesson for you are the way, the truth, and the life. In Jesus’ name we pray…Amen!


God bless you as you hit the road!


Blessings Always, Pastor Mark Walters

Countryside Road

The Road - An Introduction to Christianity

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