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Pastor Roger Mackie

On June 9, 2024, Pastor Roger Mackie was installed as Alleluia Lutheran Church Interim Pastor.

Roger L Mackie, Emeritus, former chairman of the Interim Ministry Conference of the LCMS


Roger L. Mackie was born in Hillsdale MI, raised in Jackson MI, and graduated with the first four-year class from Concordia College (now University) Ann Arbor MI in 1978. He subsequently wandered to St Louis MO where Concordia Seminary declared him a Master of Divinity in 1982 before shipping him off to Northern Minnesota. After serving in an unintentional interim in Southern Minnesota for almost ten years, he resigned from the congregation but remained on the LCMS roster as he retrained and worked as a computer programmer. He returned to full-time ministry by filling in for an Army Reserve chaplain who had been deployed in Afghanistan. Rev Mackie returned to Concordia, St Louis to receive training for Intentional Interim Ministry NALIP (National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors, now Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association). He has served as a transitional pastor in seven congregations in Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, and Michigan. He currently resides in Green Bay WI where his wife, Ruth serves as Music Director of Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

Church Council

  • Roger Thiel - President 

  • Rob Ott - Vice President

  • Melissa Barker - Treasurer

  • Tami Hazaert - Secretary

  • Lori Collar - Stewardship

  • Rebecca Gustafson - Outreach/Social Program

  • Chris DiPiazza- Education

  • Dale Van Beek - Properties

  • Bill Maile - Elder Director 


  • Bill Maile - Elder Director 

  • Rick Bauer

  • Tim Just

  • Dan Maile

  • Al Vollmer

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