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ACE Online

ACE = Alleluia Christian Education offers classes to students who are in 4K ~ 6th grade.

For the 2020-2021 school year, Alleluia is offering ACE classes at Alleluia weekly on Wednesdays.


We are also offering an online option. We are using "THE STORY" curriculum. 

Below are the links to the classes each week, including reading "THE STORY" aloud and activities.

Invite your friends and neighbors to attend online ACE classes and share the love of Jesus.

If you and your family are participating in the ACE Online classes, we invite you to send us

PHOTOS of your kids doing the activities, or photos of the sheets they have colored. 

Send your photos to 

Intro to 

ACE Online

Lesson 1

Week of

Sept 9

Lesson 2

Week of

Sept 16

Lesson 3

Week of

Sept 23

Lesson 4

Week of

Sept 30




Click on the SHEETS 

button below and select

the sheet for the lesson you 

are doing.

Lesson 5

Week of

Oct 7

Lesson 6

Week of

Oct 14

Lesson 7

Week of

Oct 21

Lesson 8

Week of

Oct 28

Lesson 9

Week of

Nov 4

Lesson 10

Week of

Nov 11

Lesson 11

Week of

Nov 18

Lesson 12

Week of

Dec 2




Dec 20, 2020

Lesson 13

Week of

Dec 9

Lesson 22

Week of

Dec 16

Lesson 14

Week of

Jan 13

Lesson 15

Week of

Jan 20

Lesson 16

Week of

Jan 27

Lesson 17

Week of

Feb 3

Lesson 18

Week of

Feb 10

Lesson 19

Week of

Feb 17

Lesson 20

Week of

Feb 24

Lesson 21

Week of

March 3

Lesson 23

Week of

March 10

Lesson 24

Week of

March 17

Lesson 25

Week of

March 24

Lesson 26

Week of

April 7

Lesson 28

Week of

April 21

Lesson 29

Week of

April 28

Lesson 30

Week of

May 5

Lesson 31

Week of

May 12

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